20 Fabulous 4 Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Discover fresh braid hairstyles that will elevate your hair game and keep you looking fabulous.

Four-strand Flat Braid

four strand flat braid

The four-strand flat braid adds a modern twist to traditional braiding techniques. It creates a sleek and intricate look that stands out. Perfect for those who want a braid with a unique and eye-catching appeal. It adds depth and texture to any hairstyle. Great for both casual and formal occasions alike.

Box-braided Pigtails

Box-braided pigtails are a playful hairstyle that adds a fun and youthful twist to your look. Perfect for a casual day out or a music festival, these braids bring a trendy vibe to your style effortlessly.

Four-strand Dutch Braid

four strand dutch braid

The Four-strand Dutch braid adds a unique twist to a traditional braid style, creating a beautiful and intricate look perfect for various occasions.

Four-braid Crown

four braid crown

The Four-braid crown adds a regal touch to any hairstyle, perfect for special occasions or everyday glam.

Four-braid Bun

four braid bun

A Four-braid bun is a chic updo that combines four braids into a stylish bun on top of the head, creating a trendy and intricate look suitable for various occasions and hair textures.

Double Halo With Four Braids

double halo with four braids

This hairstyle combines two halo braids with four braids, creating a stunning and intricate look. It adds dimension and flair to any hairstyle, perfect for special occasions or when you want to stand out.

Four-strand Fishtail Braid

four strand fishtail braid

The Four-strand fishtail braid combines the intricate look of a fishtail braid with the elegance of a four-strand braid, creating a unique and stylish hairstyle.

Four Braided Ponytail

four braided ponytail

The four-braided ponytail combines the classic ponytail with intricate braid detail for a stylish look. Adding four braids to a ponytail provides a unique and eye-catching twist to a traditional hairstyle. It offers a fun and creative way to elevate your ponytail game.

Four-coronet Braids

four coronet braids

Four-coronet braids offer a regal and elegant look by intertwining four braids around the crown of the head. This style exudes sophistication and adds a touch of royalty to your overall appearance. Embrace your inner queen with this stunning braided hairstyle choice.

Wrapped Four-braid Updo

wrapped four braid updo

Wrap four braids around each other to create a chic and elegant updo hairstyle.

Four-braid Half-up, Half-down

four braid half up half down

This hairstyle combines a half-up, half-down look with four braids for a unique and stylish outcome. The four braids add a fun twist to the classic half-up, half-down style, creating a trendy and eye-catching appearance. Perfect for those who want to showcase their braiding skills while keeping their hair partially off their face.

Double Four-strand French Braids

double four strand french braids

Elevate your braided hairstyle game with the double four-strand French braids, a chic and intricate look that combines two braids for a stunning and sophisticated style.

Four-braid Headband

four braid headband

Create a stylish headband using four braids intertwined with your hair. Great way to add a unique touch to your hairstyle effortlessly.Adds a touch of elegance while keeping your hair away from your face. You’ll stand out with this fun and creative look.

Four-braid Mohawk

four braid mohawk

The Four-braid Mohawk adds edginess and flair to your look by combining traditional braids with a bold and modern style. It elevates your hairstyle with a unique and eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd. This braided Mohawk is perfect for those wanting to make a statement with their hair while showcasing their creativity and confidence.

Boho Infinity Four Braid

boho infinity four braid

Create an endless braid loop with a Bohemian twist by combining four braids into one continuous design. It adds a unique, free-spirited touch to your hairstyle repertoire. Perfect for festivals or casual, everyday wear for a touch of flair.

Side Four-braid Waterfall

side four braid waterfall

The side four-braid waterfall adds a unique touch to traditional braided hairstyles by cascading down the side elegantly. It creates a beautiful waterfall effect that is guaranteed to turn heads. It’s a fantastic choice for special occasions when you want to stand out with a stylish twist. This braid style is a trendy and eye-catching option for those who want to elevate their look with a touch of sophistication. Give your hair a charming and ethereal vibe with the side four-braid waterfall.

Four-braid Bubble Ponytail

four braid bubble ponytail

A Four-braid bubble ponytail adds a fun and playful twist to the classic ponytail hairstyle. It creates a bubbly and voluminous look that stands out.

Zigzag Four-braid Style

zigzag four braid style

This modern braided style adds a unique zigzag pattern to your hair, creating a visually interesting and stylish look suitable for various occasions.

Multiple Four-braid Twists

multiple four braid twists

Transform your hair into a masterpiece with multiple four-braid twists.

Interwoven Four-braid Design

interwoven four braid design

Create a unique hairstyle by intertwining four braids together to form an intricate and visually appealing design. This style adds depth and texture to your hair, perfect for special occasions or when you want to stand out from the crowd. The interwoven four-braid design showcases your creativity and skill in braiding, making it a trendy choice for those who love experimenting with different braid patterns. Experiment with different variations and colors to customize the look to suit your personal style and make a bold fashion statement.

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