20 Men Braids Styles: Fresh Ideas for a Stylish Look

Discover stylish and trendy braid ideas for men that can transform your hair game completely.

Zigzag Cornrows

zigzag cornrows

Zigzag Cornrows add a unique twist to traditional cornrow braids. They feature a zigzag pattern that adds visual interest and flair to the hairstyle. Perfect for men looking for a modern and edgy braided look that stands out from the crowd.

Crown Halo Braids

crown halo braids

Crown Halo Braids showcase a regal and stylish look perfect for men wanting a statement hairstyle. It involves braiding the hair around the head in a circular fashion, creating a halo effect. This style adds flair and sophistication to your overall appearance, making you stand out from the crowd. It’s a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Exuding charm and charisma, Crown Halo Braids are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their hairstyle repertoire.

Two-Strand Twists

two strand twists

Two-Strand Twists offer a versatile and low-maintenance option for men looking to embrace a trendy braided hairstyle without the commitment of intricate designs.

Viking Braids

viking braids

Viking Braids are bold and intricate styles that exude a rugged and masculine charm. These braids add a touch of warrior flair to any man’s look, making a statement with their strong and powerful presence.

Box Braids

box braids

Box braids are a stylish choice for men looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle with a trendy edge. With this braiding technique, hair is divided into small squared-off sections, resulting in a neat and structured look. Perfect for guys who want a versatile style that can be worn in different ways and easily accessorized with beads or cuffs.

Fishbone Braids

fishbone braids

Fishbone braids adds a touch of uniqueness and flair to men’s braided hairstyles. The pattern resembles the intricate bones of a fish, creating a stylish and eye-catching look that stands out from traditional braids.

Braid With Top Knot

braid with top knot

The Braid with Top Knot combines a trendy top knot hairstyle with a braided element, creating a stylish and unique look that adds an interesting twist to your overall appearance.

Dutch Braids

dutch braids

Dutch Braids offer an edgy twist to traditional braids styles, adding a cool factor to your look by weaving the hair under instead of over.

Faux Hawk Braids

faux hawk braids

Faux Hawk Braids offer a stylish and edgy look for men’s hairstyles. They provide a modern twist to the traditional Mohawk style, incorporating braids for a unique appearance. Faux Hawk Braids are perfect for those wanting a bold and eye-catching hairstyle that stands out.

Cornrows With Fade

cornrows with fade

Create a trendy look by combining classic cornrows with a fade for a modern twist.

Man Bun Braids

man bun braids

Man Bun Braids combine the trendy man bun with stylish braids for a unique masculine look.

Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk

Braided Mohawk adds a bold and edgy vibe to your look, combining shaved sides with a prominent braided strip down the center of your head. The Mohawk style creates a striking contrast between the shaved areas and the braided section, making it a trendy choice for those who want a unique hairstyle that stands out.

Triangle Box Braids

triangle box braids

Triangle Box Braids create a unique geometric pattern in the hair, adding a modern twist to a classic style. The triangular sections give a trendy and eye-catching look, perfect for men looking to stand out with their braided hairstyle.

Cornrows Into Ponytail

cornrows into ponytail

Cornrows into Ponytail combines the sleekness of cornrows with the versatility of a ponytail for a stylish and practical look that can be dressed up or down.

Undercut With Braids

undercut with braids

Undercut with Braids adds a unique twist to a classic style, combining a fade haircut with intricate braided patterns. It offers a bold and edgy look, perfect for men who want to stand out with their hairstyle.

Celtic Knot Braids

celtic knot braids

Celtic Knot Braids: Elevate your braided look with intricate knots woven into your hair for a unique and stylish appearance that stands out.

Inverted Cornrows

inverted cornrows

Inverted Cornrows add a unique twist to traditional cornrow styles. They are created by weaving the hair in an upward direction instead of the usual downward direction. This technique creates a striking and eye-catching look that sets it apart from standard cornrows. Men can sport this style for a modern and edgy appearance.

Zigzag Parting Braids

zigzag parting braids

Zigzag Parting Braids add a unique element to traditional braided hairstyles. By incorporating diagonal partings, this style creates a visually striking and intricate look that sets it apart from standard braid designs. It’s a great way to add texture and dimension to the hair, making the braids stand out even more. With zigzag parting braids, you can make a bold statement and showcase your personal style with a modern twist on classic braiding techniques. This style works well for both casual and more formal occasions, allowing you to experiment with different looks while keeping your hair stylish and on-trend.

Five Strand Braids

five strand braids

Five Strand Braids are a unique and intricate braiding technique that adds depth and dimension to men’s hairstyles. They create a sleek and sophisticated look that stands out from traditional braids. This style requires a bit more skill and patience but the result is worth the effort for a distinctive appearance.

Braids With Beads

braids with beads

Braids with Beads – Adding beads to braids provides a unique and stylish touch, elevating the overall look with a playful and eye-catching flair.

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