20 Braid Ideas for Long Hair

Looking for fresh and fabulous braid ideas for long hair?

Fishtail Crown

fishtail crown

The Fishtail Crown braid is a stunning way to elevate your long hair look, giving you an elegant and intricate style that stands out.

Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid

The Waterfall Braid adds a touch of elegance to long hair styles. Create a cascading effect that looks intricate but is surprisingly easy to achieve. Perfect for those looking to elevate their braided look.

Dutch Mohawk Braid

dutch mohawk braid

The Dutch Mohawk Braid is a bold and edgy style that adds a modern twist to long hair braids. It creates a striking look by incorporating Dutch braids along the center of the head. The braid gives the illusion of a Mohawk hairstyle, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement with their braid style. With its unique design, the Dutch Mohawk Braid is sure to turn heads and showcase your creativity and confidence.

Mermaid Tail Braid

mermaid tail braid

The Mermaid Tail Braid is a whimsical and intricate braid style that mimics the beautiful texture of a mermaid’s tail, adding a touch of fantasy to your look.

Bohemian Braids

bohemian braids

Bohemian Braids add a touch of effortless chic to long hair, perfect for a laid-back yet stylish look. They are versatile and work well for both casual days and special occasions.

Infinity Braid

infinity braid

The Infinity Braid is a stylish and intricate braid that adds a unique touch to long hair. It creates a visually appealing pattern with a twist. Perfect for those looking for a sophisticated yet trendy hairstyle.

Braided Bun

braided bun

The Braided Bun is a chic hairstyle that combines the elegance of a bun with the intricate detail of braids, creating a stunning look perfect for formal events or casual outings.

Ladder Braid

ladder braid

The ladder braid creates a visually stunning look by weaving strands of hair together like rungs of a ladder.

Zigzag Braid

zigzag braid

Zigzag Braid: This braid adds a unique twist to your long hair, creating a fun and intricate pattern that stands out from the usual braided styles. It is a great way to add some excitement and flair to your hairstyle, perfect for those looking to make a statement with their braids. The zigzag design adds a playful element to your look, elevating your braid game and making your long hair truly stand out.

Rope-Twist Braid

rope twist braid

The Rope-Twist Braid adds a unique twist to your long hair look, creating a stylish and intricate design. It intertwines two sections of hair to form a twisted rope-like appearance, adding texture and dimension to your hairstyle effortlessly.

Halo Braid

halo braid

The Halo Braid is a beautiful and elegant style that frames your face with a crown-like braid, perfect for special occasions or everyday chic looks. It adds a touch of sophistication to long hair and keeps your tresses neatly in place with a regal touch. Make a grand entrance with this dreamy braid that will make you feel like royalty all day long.

Heart-shaped Braid

heart shaped braid

The Heart-shaped Braid adds a touch of romance and sweetness to your long hair look. Ideal for special occasions when you want to wear your heart on your head.

Pull-Through Braid

pull through braid

The Pull-Through Braid creates a woven effect by pulling sections of hair through each other. It gives the illusion of intricate weaving, perfect for a unique and eye-catching look. This braid is versatile and adds texture and dimension to your hairstyle effortlessly. Try this braid to achieve a trendy and modern appearance with your long hair.

Braided Space Buns

braided space buns

Braided Space Buns add a playful and quirky touch to long hair styling. This hairstyle is perfect for those looking to combine braids with a fun and trendy look. Complete your bohemian or festival-inspired ensemble with these eye-catching buns.

Flower Garden Braid

flower garden braid

The Flower Garden Braid beautifully incorporates small floral accents into the braid, adding a touch of nature to your hairstyle.

Five-Strand Braid

five strand braid

The Five-Strand Braid amplifies the elegance of long hair by incorporating a unique weaving technique that adds dimension and complexity to traditional braiding styles, creating a stunning and intricate look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Side Swept Braid

side swept braid

Sweep your long hair elegantly to the side in a stylish braid for a glamorous look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Dragon Braid

dragon braid

The Dragon Braid is a bold and dramatic hairstyle that showcases intricate weaving techniques for a fierce and unique look. It’s perfect for those with long hair who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Double Dutch Braids

double dutch braids

Double Dutch Braids are a trendy and stylish way to keep long hair neat and chic. Adding a fun twist to your everyday look, these braids are versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Perfect for those looking for a secure hairstyle that stays in place all day.

Basket Weave Braid

basket weave braid

The Basket Weave Braid adds a unique texture to long hair, creating a woven effect. It is a visually appealing style that stands out with its intricate pattern. This braid can elevate any outfit, giving a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. It’s a great way to showcase your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

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